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Caspian Supply is a newly established company with a team of experts based in London.

At Caspian Supply, we are dedicated to building a globally inclusive team that thrives on diversity and innovation. As we continue to expand our horizons and contribute to the growth of our industry, we recognize the immense value that migrant workers bring to our organization.

Our quest for excellence has led us to seek individuals from abroad, specifically for reasons such as business expansion and the need for specialized skills. We believe that a diverse workforce enhances our ability to navigate the complexities of a rapidly evolving market and fosters a culture of collaboration and creativity.

Join us at Caspian Supply, where your unique skills and talents can contribute to our collective success. Be a part of our journey as we embrace global perspectives and work together to achieve new heights in the world of development & management.

Welcome aboard to a company that values your expertise and celebrates the richness that international talent brings to our dynamic team!

Fulfilling Career Opportunities

Challenging Tasks & Learning Opportunities

Safe & Comfortable Working Conditions


Construction Project Manager

Caspian Supply Limited is a construction company specializing in interior design and home renovation projects, driven by the vision to provide the best services to our clients. With years of experience, we have grown along the path of transforming homes, offices, and commercial spaces. Now we are looking to hire an experienced construction project manager.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Draws up budgets and timescales for new construction projects based on clients’ requirements;
  • Confirms building plans with Surveyors, Architects, and Engineers;
  • Briefs project team, contractors and suppliers;
  • Assembles information for invoicing at the end of projects;
    In charge of hiring construction workers;
  • Purchasing or hiring building equipment and materials;
  • Identifies defects in work and proposes corrections;
  • Monitoring construction budget to minimise overspending;
  • Providing progress reports to clients via phone, email or meetings in person;
  • Negotiating with vendors, suppliers and subcontractors.


  • Holds a Bachelor’s Degree or above in any field;
  • Minimum of 5 years of work experience in construction business.

Working Hours and Remuneration

Working hours are 37.5 hours per week

Salary is £42,000 per annum with additional optional bonus at the end of year based on performance.